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UPVC Company

Are you looking for a Leicester uPVC company? Look no further. We apply the latest technologies, so our UPVC windows Fascia’s & Soffits that we supply to our Clients remain among the best in the market. Fascia’s and Soffits installations help improve the appearance of your home. They also raise your home’s value and play a crucial role in protecting your home from damage. We provide new and innovative methods to suit your needs. We are your number one choice for high-quality installers and high-performance UPVC, FASCIAS, and SOFFITS.

Fascia Replacement Leicester

It is essential to have high-quality fascia installed as they support the roof’s lower edge and carry all the guttering. We offer the highest quality, beautiful, and most efficient fascia in Leicester. The soffit board is placed under the fascia board. It is usually visible from street level. Therefore, it is understandable that you would want a beautiful and high-quality soffit board; we guarantee to provide you with the most beautiful designs and most durable boards.We are also the best Soffits replacement company in Leicester,  and the best fascia replacement company in  Leicester. With many years in the industry, we know what would look best for your property and what extras would complement your home renovation requirement.

Soffits Replacement Company

UPVC needs to be of very high quality; we promise to use the best tools and equipment to ensure this. We have the latest glazing options; our frames are durable, and our windows are highly energy efficient. With exceptionally high-quality work, you can add interest and character to any home, along with instantly adding extra value. Please speak to a team member who can help and advise you on the many different options to choose from what is best for your home.

We will ensure that all of our installations require low maintenance while also performing at the highest quality. Our experts will give you a comprehensive quote after assessing your property’s suitable options while also keeping you in the loop. If you want to seek our experienced team’s expert and professional advice, give us a call now on 01582 438571, or email us at

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